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My successfully-placed IV in Emergency Medicine orientation. Thanks for loaning your veins, Jordie!

Fall has finally arrived in Ann Arbor, and I’m loving it!  It really got started this past Saturday when the Michigan Wolverines rolled over the visiting Western Broncos–one of the craziest games I have been to!  It started out really hot, then crazy storms came in and eventually cancelled the game.  All in all though, a great start to the football season!  I also just started my Emergency Medicine rotation last week, and I’ve been loving it.  A lot of people get down to deciding between EM and Anesthesia, so it makes sense that I like the fast pace, intense interactions, and decision-making.  It’s going to be a great month, and then one more subI (which is gonna be busy!) stands between me and interview season.

Speaking of interviews, I officially applied to Anesthesia last week!  It’s hard to believe that I have made it to this point–the time really has flown.  I applied pretty broadly, and hope the interviews start rolling in over the next month or so.  It was fun to be able to reflect back on how I have changed and grown since I started back in August 2008…it’s been a wild ride.  Off to another EM shift–as always, any questions to!