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And that’s a wrap.  I am now officially Matthew Wixson, M.D.  It is pretty hard to believe, but what a weekend!

The last month of medical school was pretty nice.  I finished up on Pathology, which was interesting–it really brought things full-circle, as I could see under the microscope diseases I learned about the last few years.  I also spent a lot of time reading, working out, spending time outside, etc…the glories of M4 year!

I also got a chance to spend time with friends who are leaving Ann Arbor for residency.  Justin, Kevin, Tyson, Bob–gonna miss you guys.  Thanks for the memories and for going on this crazy journey with me.  It is bittersweet to say goodbye to close friends who have become family, but Sarah and I are excited to go visit their respective new homes [and we have already started planning our trips!]  Truly people who are going to change the face of medicine in the future!

We also…bought a house!  Since we will be in Ann Arbor for at LEAST four more years, it was time.  We are absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to move in and make it our first home.

And…graduation!  It was an incredible day.  Full of pomp, circumstance, and lots of regalia, it was a beautiful ceremony that really celebrated our last 4 [and more] years.  It was the culmination of a dream that started when I was a little boy, and I had to take a few moments and just take it all in, it was that incredible.  Our student speaker delivered a challenging and provocative address that I keep thinking about, and I hope to ‘be kind’ throughout residency and beyond.  Our commencement speaker was an alum who spoke on healing and imparted wisdom that I will incorporate into my practice.  All in all, a great day.  And Sarah graduated from law school last night, so we have been riding high all weekend!

I know today is the final commit day for medical school–welcome to those M0s who will soon become M1s, and for those who chose to go somewhere else, best of luck in your medical career.  It is a hard journey, but one where you will grow and change in ways you never imagined.

This is my final blog post, so thanks for reading along with me for the past 4 years.  Maybe I can get the school to let me write a guest post every so often in the next few years 😉

Go Blue!

– Dr. Wixson


Sarah and I opening my match day letter!

Drum roll please….I am matched.  And have a job, starting on June 19th [i think?].  I should check that out, eh?

Match Day was awesome!  I am not going to write too much here, because I actually have an audio blog that I did for the Admissions Office [will post a link once it’s up!].  However, Michigan Medical School knows how to throw a great party.  We all gathered at the North Campus Research Complex [former Pfizer plant that now houses tons o’ research space] in the ballroom.  The energy in the room was incredible–148 Michigan students found out where they would be spending the next 3-7 years of their life.  To put it mildly, that is definitely a unique experience–one day determines your fate for years!

At 12 noon [on the dot], I went out to the hallway and grabbed my envelope.  Sarah and I had decided to open it before going on stage–she was so nervous she couldn’t eat the amazing lunch, so we figured let’s just get it done with.  I opened the envelope and it said…”Congratulations, you have matched!  University of Michigan Anesthesiology.”

I am SO excited.  After seeing so many great programs around the country, I realized that sometimes, the best thing is right where you already are.  6 of my classmates matched with me into the program, so I will certainly know a good chunk of my co-interns.  I am really blessed and beyond thrilled to be able to spend the next 4 years here!

Now I am just finishing out the rest of medical school, which is pretty chill.  May 11th is graduation, which will certainly prove to be another great day [and excellent finish] to my medical school career.

Any questions as the deadline approaches for y’all, email me at

Go Blue!


central casting.

Hello hello!  Happy [almost] spring to everyone!  It has been an amazingly mild winter here in Ann Arbor–it has snowed [a few times], been cold[ish], but overall has been really really nice.

My post title has two meanings today.  First off, THE SMOKER!  This Friday and Saturday at Mendelsohn Theater in the Michigan League, “Thrombinhood and His Merry Meds” will be showing. Medical students have written, produced, directed, acted in, composed songs, etc…and it’s off the chain [hello 1990s phrase].  We are in Tech Week, which means rehearsal until the wee hours of the night [we get kicked out at midnight], all to produce an amazing show on Friday and Saturday. Perhaps it is because graduation is in 73 days [big gulps] and this is my last Smoker, but it’s been really bittersweet, and I’m trying to enjoy the time with my classmates before we head off to all corners of the country for residency.  Speaking of that, Match Day is on March 17th, so stay tuned to find out where Sarah and I will be spending the next 4+ years of our lives.  Exciting times for sure.

The second meaning of the title has to do with the class I’m currently taking.  Dr. Zeller is one of the premier anatomists at the U, and he started working here when I was an M1.  I have brought anatomy full-circle, enrolling in the Emergency Medicine Procedures course which he co-teaches.  It has been amazing to go back through ALLL the anatomy that we learned in 8 months as M1s, in about 3.5 weeks.  We have also learned some pretty neat procedures in the simulation lab, including inserting chest tubes, intubation, central line placement, and a host of other minor procedures that I will be doing as an intern in a few short months.  It has been a great class, and last week we got to learn how to put casts on.  To be honest, I’m a bit obsessed with casts. I have never broken a bone, and I always thought it was really cool when people had casts and you signed them, etc. back in elementary school.  So this was my time to shine, and we had an awesome afternoon putting them on one another [and subsequently using the saw to take them off!].

Anyways, back to the last day of class–any questions, hit me up:


Al, Justin and I with our sweet casts!

done and done.

Interview season=DONE.  I finished up my last interviews last week on the East Coast, and I am officially done!  Feels great to have completed my whirlwind tour of various anesthesia programs around the country.  It was amazing to see all kinds of anesthesia programs, and definitely made me excited for the future! Can’t wait until March 16th to find out where we will be spending the next 4-5 years of our lives!

In other news, my 4-month interview break is sadly coming to an end!  It’s crazy to me how fast the time has gone–it seemed like just yesterday I finished my Hospitalist subinternship and went on break.  All in all, however, it has been an amazing few months.  I have read tons of books–including 9 over Christmas break alone!  I’ve spent a ton of time “training” Stella [it’s been going…well?], doing little projects around our house, hanging out with Sarah and my classmates, and now…SMOKER REHEARSAL! That’s right, folks, the 90-something annual Smoker is in 6 short weeks, and it promises to be the best one yet!  I’m really excited for the wittiness, amazing singing, dancing, and acting, and overall ridiculousness that is the Smoker. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a musical parody of life at UMMS written, directed, acted, and produced–all by medical students.  We are really having an awesome time–check it out March 2 and 3!

Interviews are all done here at UMMS–so for all you prospective applicants and students considering this place, email me at if I can answer any questions!

Go Blue!


november musings.

Stella posing under our Christmas tree!

Hello all!  Happy end of November–hard to believe that December is right around the corner!  Here in Ann Arbor, we have had…rain.  And lots of it.  Surprisingly enough, it hasn’t really snowed at all yet this year–however, I am sure it will be here before we know it!

In M4 land, life continues to be…great.  I read, I interview, I work out, take naps, play with the dog, have coffee with my friends.  I had been told that M4 year was going to be an amazing year, and so far, so good.  Of course, this month I do have SOME responsibilities in the form of Advanced Medical Therapeutics.  This is an online course that all M4s have to take to graduate.  It is situated during the interview months, because it is online!  This may sound mundane to the tech-savvy people out there, but this is the first online course I have ever taken in my life.  It’s. Awesome.  Going to a seminar in your pajamas?  No big deal!  Want to take your quiz at 2 am?  Perfectly acceptable!  It provides a ton of flexibility for interviews, which is really nice.  I did not know how great UMMS is about interviewing until I met students from other schools, who have to continue in clinical rotations AND try to interview at the same time.  I am so thankful that I can focus on interviews for a few moths–thanks, Michigan!

That’s about all that is new these days.  Michigan beat Ohio State on Saturday (easily one of the most exciting games I have ever attended)  and I am waiting [hopefully] for a BCS Bowl selection.  I would love it if Michigan went to the Orange Bowl, because Sarah and I will be in Florida during that time…sounds like a great experience to me!

As always, questions to

Go Blue!