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Hello again, I figured it’d be nice to stop in with some updates on the summer.  I can’t say anything really new has happened.  It’s been about 90 degrees every day the past week or so and the spiders in my apartment are starting to look like mice.  If you stand real still you can actually hear them chewing.  It’s weird.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the lab though making some steady progress on my projects.  Running the experiments is the easy part–it’s the preparation and gathering of info and materials that has been consuming a lot of my time.  But I’m starting to gain some momentum now which will hopefully carry me until school starts.  Things will be really busy this week though–the next couple days I have to spend two night shifts in the lab watching over things, so it will be a night of Netflix for sure.  The past few weeks I did some shadowing in the operating room which was pretty exciting.  I saw several Cardiothoracic Surgery cases including a congenital heart defect repair.  The heart and lung cases definitely interest me a lot, and you can transplant them, which is another area of surgery that I’ve been interested in for quite some time now.  So we’ll see where I end up.  But for now there are 4 weeks left in summer.  My last summer ever.  And then Step 1 of my boards will be stalking me until the end of April, so life will be temporarily frightening for a while.  But that’s ok, right now it’s summer.  And there is a pool with my name on it that I must attend to.