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Aloha from the exotic land of Ann Arbor, Michigan! Happy Spring Break!

It’s not spring yet, you say? Well here in Ann Arbor, we know that February is one of the most depressing months, so we get spring break early to prevent us all from getting Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Even my plants are sad.

So where am I? There was a snow storm today that I wasn’t aware of because I don’t keep on top of weather updates when I’m studying. So I’m stuck in Ann Arbor for the night, here’s what it’s looking like from my balcony–>

Not sure if you can handle the idea of snowstorms? Well if you aren’t into spontaneity and enjoying the moment, maybe not. Just kidding, you get over it. Snow is cool, right?

I am of course very excited about spring break. I’m going to be home for half the week, then I’m headed to the warm, exotic land of Washington, DC to visit some friends.

Then when we get back from spring break, we have a week of Clinical Foundations of Medicine. This is where we take a break from studying reproduction and immunology (as sad as that is) and learn some clinical concepts and techniques. The only downside to this is that attendance is required, but it’s nice to get a glimpse of putting our knowledge to use on fake patients (so far mostly ourselves). I love these weeks because it gives us some time away from studying and stressing out. I’m more than willing to take advantage of these next two weeks, as our next sequence is neurology, which will probably be a struggle for many of us.

Alright, time for me to enjoy my spring break in Michigan: the hidden gem of getaway vacations. Take care!