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So it turns out the brain is pretty important.  There are so many parts though–even if you google mapped the brain you’d probably still get lost, even with the aerial view on.  This week is the last of three where we give our brains a chance to learn about themselves.  Historically, the neurology sequence is among the more difficult sequences for us–there is a lot of semantic memorization as well as some harder conceptualization that takes place.  Last year’s neuro sequence was somewhat overwhelming for me since chemical engineers don’t really learn about that.  The anatomy alone was a huge monster to tackle.  Now here we are for round two, learning about many of the various nervous system pathologies that we may encounter later in our training.  It’s very interesting because since it’s the nervous system, we learn about movement, sensation (including our special senses), and cognition, including a lot of things our bodies do that we aren’t really aware of throughout the day.  Pretty neat.  Also on the med school front, this month I completed a required autopsy experience as part of our M2 curriculum.  I have to say it was one of the most unusual experiences I’ve encountered, and of course very different than our gross anatomy course last year.  It was fascinating though to see the methods used and the care taken to preserve the deceased throughout the entire procedure.  I always enjoy these opportunities since it brings me a little closer to real medical practice.  But for now it’s back to the land of lectures.  One more sequence to pass before I get to go home for five days of turkey and football.  Mmmm!