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I’m 30, coupled, interested in yoga and meditation, don’t drink alcohol or coffee, and coming into UM, I was afraid I would be too different in medical school. An oddity. And I must admit that through parts of orientation, I did feel a little strange. It was “back to school” in more ways than one for me. Meeting so many other students was in part overwhelming. But that shifted quickly as we found ourselves in a scholastic setting. I love these people. My classmates are so varied, interesting and accomplished. I find similarities and appreciate the differences. I am grateful for all of the positive social interactions I have with my peers as we start to settle in to coursework.

In Ann Arbor, there is room for everything. I can shop at the co-op, hang with townies, ride my bike, enjoy culture, and, of course, practice burying myself in books (it’s really too early to do too much of that…. but the first two weeks have presented enough new information to keep me busy). I worked with the class counselor, Amy, who is wonderful, to start up a student meditation group. We’ll meet every Friday at noon to meditate briefly and then eat lunch. Another student (or two) are doing yoga classes.

I feel engaged, supported and excited to be going to school each day. You really can’t ask for much more out of life than that. For me as a non-traditional student who developed an interest in medicine later in life, I am so thankful for that entire process of becoming who I am today; and that I find myself at Michigan, where I can develop into a great physician in this community of wonderful people.