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There have been a lot of exciting events and transitions happening at UMMS these past few weeks. Most importantly, the M4s graduated this weekend and can now sport a proud “MD” at the end of their names. Congratulations to all of you! There currently aren’t any M2s at UMMS, as they all returned from their STEP-cations and are already out on the wards as M3s! So, right now, I’d like to think that the M1s are essentially ruling the school. πŸ™‚ Okay, that might not be completely accurate, but we did have an absolute blast putting on Biorhythms last night, a big medical school dance production, showcasing the many hidden talents of our class.

There are two Biorhythms productions each year, one in January and one in May. Though the May show is historically smaller and run/cast only by M1s, it was a serious blast and we had a great turn out. I participated in three dances: Tahitian, Indian Fusion, and Hip Hop. I certainly never thought that medical school would be the point in my life where I would spend hours each week learning dance moves from a variety of cultures, but it has been so much fun! There was a huge range of dances at the show. It started strong with a hilarious performance by Phlomax, our awesome med school “rap group”, complete with a cameo from one of our brave anatomy professors. (Nice work, Dr. Fox!) Then we had ballroom dancing, Step, Tahitian, two different Hip Hop groups, a tap dance, Indian Fusion, a contemporary piece, and two impressive vocal performances by Vince Pallazola and Logan White. The grand finale was Mance — the hilariously inappropriate, expertly-choreographed opportunity for all of the men in our class to dance around on stage in a variety of silly costumes, which seem to have less and less fabric as the dance progresses. All of the performances were wonderful — congrats to everyone who participated! Lots of pictures below. πŸ™‚