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March 2014 has probably been one of the most eventful and memorable months of my life.  I’m not sure I can recall every amazing thing that happened, but I can definitely try.

The first weekend of March was actually kind of calm.  I was just finishing off my ER shifts at Hurley Hospital, located in Flint, MI (yes, the murder capital of America). It was a great experience.

The second weekend of March was the Smoker and the Galens Centennial (check out Galens, its one of the oldes honor societies at UMMS). It was an absolutely incredible show. The talent in the University of Michigan Medical School never ceases to amaze me. Plus the Stud Dance was amazing (unfortunately I’ve gained back much of the weight since it happened). Even more amazing was the after party. The Smoker After Party is always incredible, but I think this was the best one ever (it might have something to do with the fact that I helped to plan it).  We stayed up until 7am, we had ice luges, photo booths, DJs, corn hole, N64, etc. etc.

Studs 2014

The following week on Monday, March 17th, at 12pm, every senior medical student applying to residencies got an email with the subject line “Did I Match?”  It turns out, every single M4 at Michigan matched. It was an absolute relief. I got the email as I was teaching some undergrads anatomy as part of my job as a TA. The rest of the week is just a blur. Waiting for Friday, March 21st seemed impossible.  But, with the information that I would in fact have the chance to train to be an Orthopedic Surgeon someday, it was more of an excited feeling rather than a nervous or frightened one. That envelope would tell me where I’d be for the next five years (anywhere from New Haven to Los Angeles) and I had absolutely no idea.

Turns out, I’m taking my talents (or lack thereof) to Baltimore to train at University of Maryland (Go Terps!)! Its really exciting news and in terms of trauma training, there really is no better option. Seeing all my classmates finally realizing the fruits of their labor was an incredible experience in and of itself. I’m very glad to have had the chance to share this moment with my blood-bound family and my medical school family.  Following the excitement of Match Day, we had an incredible Match Day party. And the day after, a lot of the guys from the class went to a Matchelor Party at the MGM Grand in Detroit and had ourselves a grand ol’ time.


This week, the real March Madness took an insane turn. It’s always such a blast watching Michigan play. That last second 3-pointer by Kentucky was an absolute heart breaker, but always Go Blue!

Forever Go Blue

Oh and I leave for India for month to do a “rotation” in Surgery and see some family. So I’ll have to let you guys know all about the trip when I get back! M4 year has been one big party, makes me wish it would go on forever.