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Hey everyone,

Yes, I survived the neuro sequence, thanks for asking. In my opinion, the sequence lived up to its reputation- it was HARD, definitely the hardest sequence of my first two years. I took the test at the last possible moment I could- Wednesday at 10pm, the night before Thanksgiving. We were allowed 4 hours to take it, and while that’s usually a lot of time for a 120-question test, I finished the test after 3 hrs 45 min. But who’s counting

Let’s talk about the exciting things I’ve done in Ann Arbor since we last spoke:

1. Lecture by 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Tawakkul Karman. Karman is the first Arab woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, and she earned it through her work in helping the revolution in her home country Yemen. She was an amazing and sharp speaker, it was such an honor to hear her speak about her work. Here she is teaching the audience revolutionary chants that peaceful Yemeni protestors have yelled in the streets:

2. Michigan/Ohio State Game. What a great day. U of M has lost to its biggest rival OSU every year since I’ve attended undergrad at this university, so it was great to be at the Big House to witness our first victory against OSU since 2003. Here’s a picture of the fans rushing the field after the big win before I went down myself:

3. Lecture by Dr. Cornel West. Just yesterday I was able to attend a lecture by Dr. Cornel West, who has been a very prominent civil rights activist for decades. He is such a talented and intelligent speaker who offered a lot of insight at the opening event for the School of Social Work’s first annual summit, Making Race Heard. Here’s a picture:

So, despite the workload, I’ve managed to have quite a few memorable experiences in Ann Arbor in the past few weeks. Gotta go study now! Take care!