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^If I ever write a book about med school, that will be the title. The LRC is the Learning Resource Center, the med school’s 24/7 study space and computer lab. It’s actually normally not very smelly, it just sounds catchy.

Last night I was in the LRC when the title idea came to me. I spent the extra hour from daylight savings studying there and then taking the first quiz of our M2 Neuroscience sequence. Neuroscience is supposed to be our most difficult sequence- what I can tell you so far is that we have a LOT of lectures over the span of the next few weeks. It’s hard, but fortunately I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel: Thanksgiving with delicious food made by my mom. Can’t wait! I’d invite you all over, but that’d take away from my food, so maybe another time.

I’ve spent the day today sort of relaxing- today is a holiday (happy Eid everyone!), so a lot of my day was hanging out with family. The rest was spent catching up on emails. My inbox is down to 27 emails, so I’m quite pleased with myself.

I’d love to stay and talk, but my mom has made delicious food for the holiday. Nom nom. Take care everyone!