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We have now finished half of our required clerkships for M3 year, and it feels a bit surreal. On one hand, it feels like we’ve been working in the hospital for so long that our studies before seem a distant memory. But the past rotations also seem to have passed so quickly that it’s hard to believe we’re halfway done.

For me, this may be partly due to having completed Family Medicine and Surgery last year with the previous four-week periods (starting with our year, periods are only three weeks long). So everything seems much shorter this time around.

I still feel like I have enough time to fully experience a specialty, despite the shortened time. We jump around from service to service, always switching just as we’re getting comfortable, but I suspect we would feel the same even if our rotations were not shortened.

Last week, to mark our halfway point, the first Intersession was held. In addition to lectures about useful topics (such as applying for residency – cue panic), we also participated in the Radrick Challenge Course. In addition to swinging on a rope to save dinosaur eggs (aka tennis balls), I had so much fun talking and laughing with my classmates.

This week marks my first on Internal Medicine. The rotation is split into three three-week blocks. I’m starting at St. Joe’s, and so far it’s been a great experience. Everyone on my team is great and really interested in helping me learn. And, the view from the 11th floor is spectacular!