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It feels like it’s been approximately a gajillion years since I last wrote (and, upon checking the date, it nearly has been that long. Oops?)

Life got a little crazy. Like, Step 1 crazy. Yeah – that happened. I took the test two days ago and it already feels like it was in a past life. It’s AMAZING (and kind of terrifying, truly) how 5 weeks of insane studying and preparation passed in the blink of an eye. I shudder to think of how many hours I spent sitting in front of First Aid (aka the Step 1 Bible)… which is why I choose not to! 😀 Aside from the constant presence of terror lurking over my shoulder (the test is coming the test is coming the test is coming), the whole process was actually sort of rewarding in a twisted (masochistic?) kind of way. It really hammered home the sheer volume of material we’ve covered in less than two years’ time and, though many, many things were forgotten (and forgotten again and then again just for good measure), many more were still remembered. If nothing else, the fundamentals have been beaten into me enough at this point that when I have to look up what exactly is going on with Trendelenburg gait (I always remember superior gluteal nerve and abduction, but you ask me to explain it and I go, “Uh…..”), I actually understand the explanation. Med students: the best Googlers in the (mid)west.

It's, like, angles! And - and lever arm! PHYSICS! (It's always physics.)

It’s, like, angles! And – and lever arm! PHYSICS! (It’s always physics.)

In my test-induced haze, I truthfully have no idea how I did, but I definitely didn’t walk out of the testing center feeling like I needed my mommy to hold me – which is how I anticipated myself feeling when all was said and done. I’ll take it.

Immediately after finishing the test, I had to tackle the epic amounts of paperwork and online training required by the VA hospital because I was insightful enough to schedule my test on the due date of said paperwork. It’s not like I was going to take any time from studying to do it, so I obviously hadn’t even touched it up until that point. It proved to be a time-consuming task, as did coaxing my mother’s printer/scanner to cooperate with me. In other words, the fun didn’t stop until late in the evening. Now, however, I’ve finished up most of the things that have been collecting dust on my to-do list during the study period and it evokes a feeling that defies description. I’m actually able to take enough time out to contemplate the fact that my classmates and I will be starting M3 orientation in… 5 days? Yikes. I actually went and ordered textbooks for my Internal Medicine rotation on Amazon yesterday morning because, yeah, I’m a school supplies nerd. (I know you’re all flabbergasted at this revelation.)

Dubin and I are gonna be TIGHT.

Dubin and I are gonna be TIGHT.

I’m both nervous as all get out and so stinkin’ excited to get started. For the moment, however, I’m more than content to stop and take a few moments to just be. Also, video games.