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Happy Thanksgiving!! Warning: dorky thankfulness post incoming.

Things I’m thankful for:

  1. SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! Snoooooooooow.

    This is the entrance to my building. WHAT.

    I’ve lived my whole life in Florida and I’m finally, FINALLY getting to experience real weather. I’m in love. Seriously. Everything looks cuter with snow. Snow is squishy. I can wear my hair down and not risk death by heat stroke. It’s AMAZING. I was, of course, not at all prepared in terms of wardrobe for this sort of thing, so I had to make a day-long shopping excursion to outfit myself. The fact that I actually had the time for said excursion takes me to my second point…

  2. The people who I collectively refer to as the grown-ups of the medical school (faculty and administration types) are the best ever. We recently had some issues with our renal sequence because several changes were made for this year’s iteration and let’s just say they weren’t all clear winners. Immediately after we expressed our concerns, significant changes were made to alleviate our stress levels (and, in my case, provide a much-needed window for procuring winter necessities). In addition, our dean instituted regularly scheduled opportunities for our class to meet with him and discuss anything we so desire. The people here are so communicative and receptive it’s honestly hard to believe at times.
  3. I’ve only been here a few months and I’ve already made so many incredible new friends. We can deftly maneuver between intellectual hoity-toitiness (I may have made that word up) and being completely moronic and have epic amounts of fun throughout. These are the best people with which to: have lunch, whine about having too much to study, get schooled about winter apparel, Hallelujah-chorus (yes that’s a verb) through the hallways, make borderline inappropriate medical jokes, watch ridiculous youtube videos, and simply be.
  4. So you know that I’m keeping it real: it’s almost winter break!!!! <3!