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It’s amazing how quickly time has passed and how many things have happened since school started!

I was elected to one of two Component Representative positions for our class. The big ticket items that we’re responsible for are compiling student evaluations at the end of each sequence and presenting them to the big wigs (who, to the best of my knowledge, do not actually wear wigs) and organizing and holding anatomy practice practical exams. We haven’t even really gotten into the major part of our jobs just yet, but we’ve already had some cool opportunities to get involved and meet both students and faculty members who serve important roles in the medical school. I’m beyond excited to get to help my classmates be successful and make sure their voices are heard. (That’s pretty much the cheesiest thing ever, but it’s true! Cheesy as charged.)

I recently auditioned for and was accepted into Choral Union, an ensemble that is part of the University Musical Society here at UM. Quick background note about me: I actually started out as a Choral Music Education major so I’m hardcore when it comes to choral singing. My first rehearsal is tomorrow and I can’t wait to get singing again!!

The M1 class has officially started learning anatomy, a rite of passage for medical students. It’s been a bit of a surreal experience thus far. I’ll readily admit to the fact that I’m a pretty big wimp when it comes to working in the anatomy lab, but I’m doing my best to become acclimated! Thank goodness my team members are awesome. Anatomy study habits are a bit rough around the edges as well; I think everyone is still working out what methods are best for them. I ordered myself a color atlas (containing real pictures as opposed to just illustrated diagrams) and so far it’s made me a happy camper. It has not, however, revealed the secret to memorizing all those nerves and blood vessels, ugh…

Interview season has officially begun as well and it is similarly surreal to find myself on the other side of things. I hosted an applicant this past week (who was awesome; rooting for you, girl!!) and served as a source of answers for the very same sorts of questions I could have sworn I was JUST asking. It was mind-blowing. I’m sure it will start to feel more normal as the year continues, but right now it’s pretty much shenanigans.

We’re kept relatively busy and there are certainly times when things get stressful, but I’m having a fabulous time here. I’m surrounded by awesome people who are all genuinely grateful for the learning opportunities we have. In summary, life is good!!

(Fun fact: In addition to copious amounts of studying, I’ve played through most of the Assassin’s Creed video game series in the past month. Soooooo goooooood.)