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Changing of the Seasons

Well, the weather finally decided it was time to act like January. After a remarkably warm December (seriously, coats weren’t necessary some days over the winter holidays), the new term has begun and the temperature has gotten a bit frosty.

But despite that, other things are definitely beginning to heat up. Smoker season has begun, with rehearsals starting last week as we gear up for our two performances on March 4 and 5. Now, the actual content of the Smoker is a closely guarded secret, replete with its own Smoker-HIPAA, but I can assure you that the actors, singers, and dancers are having a blast learning the new script. (That’s actually about as much as I can assure anyone at this point).

The MSTP held our annual winter party (and dessert competition) yesterday at the Ann Arbor Ice Cube. We had so much fun, even those who had never ice skated before. It was good to see everyone again; with my classmates all in different labs in different departments, I don’t see them nearly as often as I’d like.

Although the college football season is now over, many other Michigan sports are just beginning their season. I love watching Michigan basketball; the men picked off then-#3 Maryland last week in an electric game. The picture below was taken during the player intros. The women’s gymnastics team is also doing wonderful this year – last week they were tied for #1 in the country.

Time is starting to move along quickly; it seems like it was just the end of term, and now we’re already a couple of weeks in. Prelims are only a few weeks away (bites nails) but soon that too will be over. Fingers crossed!