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It feels like a dream.

Hi everyone,

Sorry for just a long silence. Every time that I have sat down to write a post, I’ve either been interrupted or have struggled with writing a post. The truth is, a lot of stuff is just hard to describe (succinctly) in words. Sometimes, I realize that I can’t convey all of the feelings or experiences through this blog to everyone…and this makes me feel a little frustrated…

But I’m going to try to do it anyway and hope that it’ll be enough to somewhat satisfy your curiosities of what UMMS is like and what medschool is like.

We now have a few days left of the final sequence (Human Growth and Development) of M1 year left and it’s been a little bit hard to study the material (Darn you, nice weather…and the impending feeling of summer!). It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the end of M1 year because it has gone by so quickly. It truly feels like a dream. It felt like those endless days of trudging through the Michigan winter would never end, but already I’m listening to the not-so-silent whirring of my air conditioner as I type this blog post. I guess life flies by when you’re…studying in medschool? I kid…sort of…

In the next post, I’ll write a summary of lessons learned, but for now, here are 3 things going on in my medschool life:

1) Ending of M1 year + moving into a new apartment.

2) Starting of SBRP (Summer Biomedical Research Program). I’m really excited to start working with the Prechter Team at University of Michigan and to learn more about Bipolar Disorder. I’m very interested in psychiatry, so I think it will be a very interesting and fruitful summer.

3) In a few weeks, I’m going to have pet chinchillas! They were born in April, so they will be cute little babies! After a lot of deliberation and talking to my brother, who is an owner of two chinchillas, I decided to get two of my own. Stay tuned for updates and cute pictures of (essentially) fuzzballs.

Here’s to the great start of the summer and great weather!

Talk to you all soon,