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It’s Biorhythms Time!

This Sunday marks the winter show of Biorhythms, the medical school dance show! There are a few non-dance acts as well, but mostly the show is composed of group dances in a variety of styles – including Tahitian, hip hop, jazz, and Indian/step fusion. Two shows are held every year, usually in January and in May. The dances are amazing (and most of them don’t require previous dance experience – a big plus for me)!

I danced in the Spring show last year in the tap dance routine to Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” song. At that point, I had absolutely never danced before, unless you count awkwardly shuffling back and forth at last year’s Fall Ball (which I totally don’t). One of my friends, who was a choreographer for the tap dance, convinced me to join and see what happens. Well, I really enjoyed the experience, and, miraculously, I only fell on my rear once (I consider that a win).

This year, I joined two dances – Phlomax and flags/color guard. Phlomax is actually more of a rap group than a dance – we alter the lyrics to well-known raps with a med-school spin. There’s even a guest appearance by a faculty member, but, sorry, I can’t tell you who – it’s a secret!

My other dance – flags – has been so much fun. When I was younger, I had a baton that I loved twirling around, but I didn’t join color guard in high school. Well, here’s my chance. When waiting for the group ahead of me to play on the golf course, I have a tendency to twirl my golf club to alleviate boredom. During rehearsals, I quickly learned that flag twirling isn’t that much different – it’s longer than my golf club (I was saddened to realize that the flag is almost as tall as I am) but hurts much less when it hits you (a very happy discovery, I assure you).

If anyone’s in the area on Sunday, this year’s show will be one to remember. Tuesday’s dress rehearsal was amazing – I can’t believe how talented our students are! The show is this Sunday, January 25 at 7pm in the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater (part of the Michigan League). Tickets are $5 online (buy them here: and $7 at the door. Also, $1.50 from each ticket goes to Real Life. My Music. a dance group for young people in Detroit ( Hope to see you there!