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Hello all and hello spring! This past weekend, the M1 class had the opportunity to say goodbye to something really special:

Infectious Diseases. ID was arguably our most difficult sequence of M1 year. Yes, I learned cool things, but I’m not too sad to see it go. 5 weeks of memorization, not to mention required small group everyday.. it really got to me. Plus, due to the content of ID, I don’t think any of us will every be the same again. Just this past Sunday, I had brunch with my family for Mother’s Day and thought about possible salmonella outbreaks from the omelette bar. While it was fun feeling like clinicians and knowing which drugs cause bone marrow toxicity, I don’t think I’ll miss the sequence much.

My classmates and I now have 2.5 weeks left until our first year of med school is over. It’s really hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly. I had a really fun time, but I’m also looking forward to spending the summer in Ann Arbor, doing research, and relaxing! I can’t wait to read non-medical texts, enjoy the beautiful Ann Arbor summer, and sleep excessively. It’s gonna be awesome.

Talk to you soon,