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Welcome to our Second Look Weekend 2019 attendees! This weekend is about learning all you can about your future medical school.

One of the things that makes the University of Michigan Medical School special is our community: the students, the faculty and the staff, and the alumni network who are invested in the community even after they leave UMMS. The final event of our Second Look Weekend provides an opportunity to have brunch with some of these alumni. This event is an amazing opportunity to hear alums’ memories of Michigan and how it helped shape their careers. Moreover, it is a chance to meet people who can help define your future. We wanted to give you a preview of some of the alumni who will be joining us this Saturday so you can get excited about who you will be speaking with and see the lasting impact UMMS has made on their lives. Read their stories and get excited about UMMS!

Dr. John Huguenard
Class of 1973 UMMS
Dr. Huguenard was a family physician who migrated from primary care to management. He worked in public health then group practice management followed by senior medical management roles in health and life insurance as well as employee health. He is now retired and spending time with family, reading, gardening, hiking and personal travel, but still follows medical issues particularly in health care delivery and in the career areas of two of his daughters: medical genetics and neurosurgery.
UMMS shaped them as a physician by… “Taught me to take charge of my own education and performance with the confidence that everyone at UMMS was there to share knowledge and enlightenment, provide great examples of good physician practice, and step in to help when I needed it … but not before. Consequently, we graduated ready to take personal responsibility, but with an understanding that good medicine is a team sport.”

Dr. Kristopher Aalderink
Class of 1999 UM undergrad, Class of 2003 UMMS
The UMMS family is… “Everything.  A network of lifelong friends, endless source of knowledge, academic & athletic excellence.”
UMMS shaped them as a physician by… “Learning from the best of the best.”

Dr. Chris Crader
Class of 1993 UMMS
Dr. Crader practices general internal medicine on Detroit’s East Side.
Favorite memory… “Participating in the Smokers: The Little Dermaid and Enema House”
Being part of the Michigan community…Provides opportunities that I never expected, that have enriched my life as a person as well as a physician.”

Dr. Nancy Dodge
Class of 1983 UMMS
Dr. Dodge is a neurodevelopment pediatrician who runs a neonatal intensive care follow up program. She is a past chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Children with Disabilities and has a research interest in cerebral palsy.
Favorite memory… “Rehearsing and performing Smokers and collating lecture notes with my fellow Phi Chi’s.”
UMMS shaped them as a physician by… “Encouraging an intellectual rigor and reinforced drive to keep learning always.”

Dr. Melissa Meldrum-Aaberg
Class of 1989 UMMS
Dr. Meldrum-Aaberg completed her residency at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami (rated the top program in the country for many years) and stayed on to do an oculoplastic fellowship.  Following fellowship, she joined the faculty at Emory University where she practiced academic medicine for four years. She then decided to move home to Michigan in 2001 and opened her own private practice where she has worked for 18 years.
Favorite memory… “I loved medical school.  It was wonderful to focus on an area where I had such intense interest.  Walking into the gross anatomy lab on the first day and realizing that the whole dream of being a doctor was coming true is probably my favorite memory.”

Dr. Gregg Pane
Class of 1981 UMMS
Dr. Gregg Pane started out as a residency director then got an MPA degree. He had a long career in diverse settings that UMMS prepared him for well: public health, Medicaid, VA, academic health systems leadership, federal government, and now as a federal health consultant.
UMMS shaped them as a physician by… “Aspirations to serve and the knowledge and resiliency to succeed. Leaders and Best says it all.”
UMMS is special because… “Top school known the world over. Great university town and wonderful college experience.”

Dr. Sujata Purohit
Class of 1996 UMMS
Dr. Sujata Purohit works in anterior segment ophthalmology and has really enjoyed the surgery and technological advancements of the field.
Favorite memory… “Dr. Abrams pathology classes and the Smoker, especially Peter Pannus, which I helped in writing the script!”
UMMS is special because… “The dedicated faculty and all the staff that helped shape our medical training.”

Dr. Michael Sarosi
Class of 1986 UMMS
Dr. Michael Sarosi matched at the University of Wisconsin for a year of internal medicine as part of his subsequent four-year diagnostic radiology residency. He then went on to an interventional radiology fellowship at the University of Virginia. He returned to Ann Arbor at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and has been on staff since. He considered himself lucky enough to have a career that he enjoys to this day and to have started his career at the forefront of the minimally invasive revolution in medicine spearheaded by Interventional Radiology.
UMMS shaped them as a physician by… “In spite of myself, UMMS taught me to focus and think, and how to prepare for the vast amounts of information/experience I still needed to learn.  I came out with confidence in my abilities and my ability to continue to learn.”
Being part of the Michigan community…Pride and humility in being a small part of excellence!”

Dr. Robert Soderstrom
Class of 1972 UMMS
Dr. Robert Soderstrom is a dermatologist in Flint, MI.
Favorite memory… “Excellent education and the wonderful Ann Arbor community.
Being part of the Michigan community…World-renowned academic institution, not just in medicine, but law, business, etc. Recognized everywhere.”

Dr. Michael Freedland
Class of 1987 UMMS
Dr. Michael Freedland did a general surgery residency at Wayne State University, a fellowship in plastic surgery at the University of Michigan and finally a fellowship in craniofacial surgery at Eastern Virginia Medical School for a total of nine years of Residency. Once in practice, he gravitated toward a cosmetic surgical practice.
UMMS shaped them as a physician by… “I feel that the experience was second to none. I have conversations from physicians that have graduated from other institutions and there is no comparison.”
UMMS is special because… “I like the camaraderie. At my last class reunion we had over 100 returning alumni students. Clearly other graduates feel the same as I did.”

Dr. John Weber
Class of 1986 UMMS
Dr. John Weber attended the University of Minnesota for an internal medicine residency. Following residency, he did fellowship training in gastroenterology at the University of California-San Francisco. He then continued in academic medicine by joining the UCSF faculty and pursuing basic research in mechanisms of T cell signaling. Currently he is a partner in a busy GI private practice and serves on the faculty of the Oakland University William Beaumont (OUWB) Medical School.
Favorite memory… “My long-lasting friendships with classmates. Attending weekly Grand Rounds with world class speakers. Working in a collaborative environment with a strong commitment to teamwork.”
Being part of the Michigan community…It is very special to be a part of the Michigan community. The focus on the highest quality of education, excellence and tradition are hallmarks of UMMS. A medical degree from Michigan will always be one of my greatest achievements.”

Dr. Dana Zakalik
Class of 1983 UMMS
Dr. Dana Zakalik is pursuing a career in hematology/oncology, with a sub-specialty in breast cancer and cancer genetics. She did her internal medicine residency at U of M, fellowship in oncology at UCSF, and has been an engaged clinical oncologist with an academic/research focus. She is currently a Professor of Oncology at Oakland University William Beaumont Medical School, and Director of Cancer Genetics/Hereditary Risk Program at Beaumont Health.
UMMS is special because… “Rich history in being a leader and pioneer in shaping progress and advancement science and medicine. Great breadth and depth in multiple disciplines. Training of many leaders in medicine.”
Being part of the Michigan community…I am proud and honored to be a part of the Michigan community, which combines excellence, dedication, high standards, diversity and lifelong collegiality.”

Dr. Peter Lundeen
Class of 1975 UMMS

Fifteen years ago he went to work for Spectrum Health in a variety of administrative roles: VPMA, medical informatics and part-time hospitalist. He is now working towards retirement, having retired from his informatics role and continuing to do hospitalist medicine part-time.
UMMS shaped them as a physician by… “I developed a group of fellow physicians, people in my medical school class in addition to some of the professors with whom I maintained relationships throughout my professional career. This helped immensely in exploring different paths during my professional career.”
Being part of the Michigan community…I feel proud of the training I received at U of M and continue to meet and work with many other clinicians who trained at U of M. It helps to establish an immediate bond.”