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Couple things:

-The M1’s are officially done with anatomy and histology! Don’t get me wrong, they were both cool and interesting, but it’s nice to check those labs off. No more practical exams either, which is a plus.

-We’re also finished (or, for some of us, almost finished) with what upperclassmen called our hardest sequence of the year, the central nervous system. And to be honest, it wasn’t THAT bad. Although it was almost completely new material for me, they presented it in a clear manner, and they took their time in the first few lectures to explain terms that most of us weren’t accustomed to. Win.

-As you may have read from Dave’s blog, the M2’s have left this past week to go to whatever caves they could fit into to study for their board exams. I can only imagine the anxiety, I’m getting nervous just thinking about it. But I’m always one to look for the silver lining: the med school library and computer lab is now back into the hands of the M1’s! Victory is ours once again. If you ask any first year student, the first two weeks of school this year were the best– not because we didn’t have exams, but because the M2’s were still on vacation and weren’t hogging the computers or hallways. I was just about to ask my student council rep’s to approve a no-fly zone in the area because we M1’s needed some backup, when finally boards came to the rescue. (Yes the M1’s are the Libyan protesters in this reference, so you should like us. Anderson Cooper does.)

The LRC computer lab empty, as I like it.

So anyway, good luck M2’s!

-Congrats M4’s on matching for residency! I will miss a lot of you, and I hope you do great in your future careers. The wonderful thing about this, though, is that they’ll stop bragging about their free time and start complaining about their lack of it. Sounds like a win to me. 🙂 Just kidding guys, I love you, good luck!

That’s all, take care!