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Wow.  So M2 year came and went.  And I certainly enjoyed the relaxing 36 hours of vacation before Day #1 of the STEP 1 boards study period began.  A lot has happened in the past 3 days since I began studying.  Actually wait, that’s not true.  I think I spent 10 hours each day in a single seat study room in the library reading through an endless sea of facts, mnemonics, and quiz questions, all to arrive at one conclusion:  I have a LOT of work left.  I must say though, as badly as I am being tossed around by the boards study monster right now, I haven’t had this many productive study days in a row since I studied for the MCAT.  And I’ve been able to go to the gym almost every day too.  I am a machine right now.  But I am sure in 4 weeks there won’t be enough Red Bull in the galaxy to keep the engine running this hot, so it’s important for me to stay rested and healthy, and to maintain as much balance as I can by exercising and NOT talking about boards when I leave the prison.  I mean library.  But it won’t be long before this chapter, too, will be over, and I’ll be climbing my way up the treacherous slopes of the M3 learning curve.  And I know this from seeing all the M4’s who have successfully found their homes at great residencies all around the country this past week (congratulations!).  Match Day is an awesome experience and it helps to have that as motivation in the back of my mind.  I have to keep telling myself that all this work will pay off–and despite how difficult things seem right now, I truly do believe that.