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The University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) works hard to provide their students opportunities to create impact in people’s lives very early on. The Impact Curriculum at UMMS offers students that opportunity throughout their journey through medical school. Students, prior to graduation, must create and execute a Capstone for Impact project. These projects can span the very broad spectrum of health care and that broadness allows students the opportunity to pursue their diverse passions while working to create real, positive change.

Incoming students are offered a chance to begin their impact early on through the Summer Accelerator Program. Students are instructed to have a mentor for their project, and can complete this project anywhere they are in the world. Their mentor also does not need to be affiliated with UMMS. At that time, I did not have a mentor for the project I wanted to pursue. I found out, as many incoming students do, that an email will go a long way here at UMMS. I sent my interest to the program director, Dr. Englesbe, who then connected me to my now mentor Dr. Cherry. I worked throughout the summer with Dr. Cherry to build a project around nutrition application development. The project we started is one that I will pursue and build upon throughout my medical education.

The summer accelerator program allowed for me to begin pursuing my interest in nutrition without the added responsibility of classes during the summer. It also demonstrated to me the commitment of UMMS for their student’s passions and desires to create impact in the world of medicine. The Summer Accelerator Program is a unique opportunity for incoming students and is one that participants will benefit from throughout and beyond their medical education.

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With my parents at the White Coat Ceremony