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The Smoker has come and gone, which means another academic year is coming swiftly to its close.  M1s continue on the marathon journey that is their first year, M2s start board studying in a week, M3s are starting their final core rotations, and M4s match in a few days.  It is definitely one of the most exciting times of the year, but also nerve-wracking.  However, things always work out–that’s become my mantra this year, and it’s proven true.

This year’s Smoker was amazing–from the dancing, to acting, to singing, and stage props–it was overall a fantastic experience.  As an M3, I appreciated the humor so much more.  I’ve worked with these attendings, and see how we take their little quirks and idiosyncrasies and blow them way out of proportion.  But it’s funny, and I am already a bit sad that next year will be our last one!

In terms of school, it’s hard to believe I’ve started my last rotation–Peds!  I have been looking forward to this a really long time–at one point, I thought I wanted a career in Pediatric Cardiology.  Though I think that ship has sailed [like the other 15 specialties I’ve considered], I am really enjoying my month on the Peds Gold team, which happens to be Cardiology.  The patients are great–I mean, it’s my job to sit and play video games.  How awesome is that?  7 more weeks, and M3 year is done.  Dr. Grum [3rd year director] told us that it would be the most challenging and growing year of our life, and he was right.  It is hard to believe that a year ago I was getting ready to start 3rd year, and now it’s almost over.  I don’t think I will appreciate how much I have changed until I’m a few months out and have better perspective.

That’s all for now–hope the M0s are able to have some clarity in choosing schools, and Go Blue!