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When I started Medical School, I was a little worried that I would have to put my entrepreneurial goals on hold. I came into medical school while working on a health app called “Diets Suck” (yep, that’s its real name). It’s an app that helps you eat healthier by building healthy eating habits, one habit at a time. I care a lot about preventive health, and I built the app because I am really passionate about helping people live a healthier life so we can prevent illness. I’ve made a lot of progress with the app, and I wanted to keep working on it as I started medical school.

I immediately found support for my entrepreneurship goals upon coming to Michigan. I found a few other student entrepreneurs who were able to point me to various resources across campus. There is a department devoted to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation at the medical school, and they were very interested in my startup. They helped connect me with the entrepreneurship faculty at the Ross School of Business, which has been a huge blessing.

The Ross School of Business found an amazing Ross MBA student who could work on the app and has helped out tremendously with our marketing and growth strategies. I worked on the app by myself without a team, and that was very challenging because a startup requires so much work. I was trying to find a good team member to work with for a while, so I was overjoyed when Ross helped me with this.

Ross also gave me a small amount of grant funding to work on my startup, and provided guidance as well— I was able to quickly talk with many of the faculty in the entrepreneurship department. They gave me some good advice and helped me think more critically about my business model.

In addition, the University of Michigan helped me find an intern who could help with various marketing projects. I was able to recruit an intern on the University of Michigan jobs website. That was invaluable because there were so many tasks that I didn’t really have time to accomplish as a medical student, so having my intern’s support was crucial.

Overall, I think attending the University of Michigan has remarkably helped my entrepreneurial efforts. They’ve helped me build my team, and they’ve given me some funding and some guidance to get my startup to the next level. It’s been a great experience, and I’m looking forward to using more University resources to help me achieve my startup goals.