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So it’s day #1, M2 year, everyone is more or less ready to get started, everything is in order, and WHAM!  I wake up Monday morning with the flu.  Scored a 103.1 that night.  Perfect.  I was also sick on my birthday last year for the record.  And the Ohio State football game freshman year.  So I wasn’t exactly surprised that this should happen to me.  But now that that’s over with, I can officially start my M2 year the right way.  And by that I mean in the library pretty much every day with lots of caffeine and very little sleep.  This year is going to be important though.  Now that we (should) know how a healthy body works, it’s time to learn about things that can go wrong, which after this first week, has been really interesting.  We started the year off learning about the cardiovascular system which is my current top favorite.  So that made this week a little less tortuous for me.  I feel more responsible for knowing this year’s material too–what we will learn will not only be tested on the boards, but is going to show up for the rest of our careers and will play a fundamental role in how well we manage the care of our patients.  In other words, it’s time to pay attention.  And with nearly twice as much lecture as last year that should be very challenging.  Oddly enough, this year feels less stressful.  (Disclaimer: it’s only been a week).  I think it’s because my study patterns have evolved well over the past year and I still make time to relax.  And, as I mentioned, learning this material is more like watching the History channel instead of local Ann Arbor public access government TV.  No offense local TV.  But really.  It’s great.