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Well, 2016 is finally over! It was definitely a tumultuous year, with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows (and I’m not just talking about Michigan Football). I think everyone had a collective sigh of relief when the clock finally ticked over to 2017 with hopes for a much better year.

For me, 2016 was similarly a time of upheaval. I earned a master’s in bioinformatics and returned to third-year core rotations. Working with patients and helping them heal have been thoroughly enjoyable experiences, but I’m very grateful for the three-week break during the holidays. It was wonderful to sleep more (especially coming off labor & delivery nights…), spend time with family, complete the miscellaneous tasks that build up when busy, catch up on favorite TV shows, and, in general, do nothing. It was amazing.

The best part – I finally managed to finish embroidering and constructing my grandma’s Christmas present, a snowglobe pillow. I had been planning its creation since September but didn’t get around to actually embroidering it until mid-December. Thankfully, I managed to finish it with time to spare.

My time on OB/GYN is dwindling with only a week of clinical duties left before the shelf when we return. I have enjoyed my time here, especially the opportunity to see mainly young, healthy women without the laundry list of comorbidities that was standard on Internal Medicine. Next up, I’ll be on Psychiatry before we begin M4 electives in March and April. M3 year seems like it is flying by now!

Happy 2017, everyone! May your New Year’s resolutions last more than two days, and may you be happy and healthy in the coming year!