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Well the machine that is medical school is back in high gear, beginning with a unique course entitled “Hematology & Oncology”.  Basically we’re learning about blood and cancer–two highly important topics that will be a part of our career-long arsenal of medical concepts.  So far we’ve focused primarily on blood, particularly where it comes from, what it is, and how it works.  This coming week we’ll be learning about lymphomas and leukemias, which are topics that are familiar to me but ones I do not fully understand yet.  Also on the med school front, I will be taking my clinical skills exam soon, also known as the “CCA Exam”.  Passing this exam is necessary to progress to M3 year, so it is kind of important.  Not to mention it will get my skills into shape before I hit the hospitals.  (Wait, we’re getting ready for the hospital already?  Feels like I was at M1 orientation not too long ago!).  I am also putting in my bid for an M3 schedule lineup which will determine the order of rotations for the entire next year.  It’s definitely a turning point for me!  And finally, next Saturday, Jan 15 (at 6:30pm) is the med schools’ big annual Biorhythms show at Mendelssohn Theater.  This show is a free event hosted by medical students that showcases various acts that incorporate music and dance.  It’s always a blast!