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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It’s crazy to think that we’re already most of the way through November; July doesn’t seem like that long ago…

In the tradition of this great holiday, I thought I’d share the things for which I am most grateful this year:

  • My family: I grew up not too far from Ann Arbor, so my home is only a quick drive when I need to escape a bit. Mostly in terms of escaping the stress of M3 (and the constant studying) and reconnecting with the sunshine (something that is occasionally lacking in the hospital, especially with the recent advent of Daylight Savings Time. Instead, we enjoy the sunrise while in our team rooms, as in this one from the VA). But the best part is being able to relax with my family as we go on walks, shop, or even just watch TV.
  • My health: this is always something I am grateful for, but working in the hospital has a tendency to make minor aches rather, well, minor. I’m currently recovering from a cold and am amazed at how even that brief disturbance can throw off my usual balance. It certainly makes you appreciate how out of sorts our patients and their families must feel.
  • My happiness: M3 year can have a rather negative perception when you consider the long hours, the struggle to become competent, and the never-ending amount of studying to be done. But, nevertheless, I have loved this past year because I enjoy helping my patients. Yes, the hours are long and I never get as much studying in as I’d like, but I can see the impact I’m having on my patients, and I can also see how far I’ve come since starting on the wards. The vast majority of the time, I’m loving my time in the hospital and in the clinics, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Furthermore, I’m learning how to be more efficient with my “free” time and realize what outside activities are most enjoyable (such as running, embroidery, and writing – I still have over-commitment issues as you might guess)
  • This past week off: Has been glorious. Thank you, UMMS curriculum people! This year marks the first time the M3s have been given the entire week of Thanksgiving off and it has been so incredibly beneficial in terms of recharging my (metaphorical) batteries and accomplishing some of the random side projects that have accumulated (see previous statement about over-committing to things). Plus, there’s only three weeks between now and our winter break so we are hitting the home stretch!

Despite being on Internal Medicine, I was still able to attend the annual Halloween Concert in Hill Auditorium. This year’s performance featured some special guests with an…interesting…set of instruments. Playing the vacuum, (from left to right at the front of the stage) we had Dean of the Music School Aaron Dworkin, UM softball coach Carol Hutchins, UMS conductor Kenneth Kiesler, and UM marching band director John Pasquale (who took a selfie while running the vacuum on stage).


Well, now that I’ve written this all down, the turkey has had a chance to digest, which means: It’s time for Pie! Enjoy!