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For now, my time at St Joe’s has ended. My inpatient rotation there ended about a week ago, and I am happy to have had the opportunity to work there. I was definitely nervous at first, because I was assigned to a Hem/Onc floor and I am notorious for crying (as in, I cry when I see someone else crying). Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed working with both my team and my patients.

While there was definitely a fair share of tears (what, you want everything?), they were healing tears and gave me a better perspective of what a physician’s role should encompass. Not just prescribing medications and radiation treatments, but also providing emotional and empathetic treatment. Despite my apprehensions, I am grateful for the three weeks at St Joe’s, because my patients there have left a lasting impact on me, both professionally and personally.

In addition, I still was able to attend the inaugural Exercise and Sport Science Institute (ESSI) Symposium and learn more about UM’s exciting new institute funded both by the Office of Research and the Athletic Department. From hearing about new advancements in designing a better football helmet to learning about inertial measurement units and their application in improving your golf swing, I had a blast!


Speaking of athletics, I also went to the unveiling of the new Nike basketball uniforms, with Jalen Rose and DJ Khaled, a few weeks ago. It’s crazy the amount of excitement Michigan Athletics is generating right now!