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The last two months of M3 year have flown by! From the end of November until break started in mid-December, I rotated on inpatient GenMed at the U. Coordinating care was much easier at the U than at the VA and I helped take care of patients with extremely interesting diseases, like Acquired Von Willebrand’s disease and groove pancreatitis.
After finishing my last week at the U, I flew home to Colorado for the holidays. I got in my outdoor fix with some pheasant hunting in Rocky Ford. After Christmas, my parents, sister, and niece went to Disneyland to visit Mickey and his crew. Disneyland was ALL IN for promoting the new Star Wars movie. I saw a squadron of stormtroopers (they were rude, just like in the movies), drank out of a Chewbacca cup, and ride Hyperspace Mountain! I spent the last week of vacation in Florida with my girlfriend, Jordan, relaxing on the beach and cruising through Key West on a scooter. It was great to see my family and friends, but I am ready to finish third year in 4 months and start taking electives.