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Thanksgiving was definitely the best compensation for the past few weeks of school.  So many donuts, so much pie, so little time.  I chilled with the puppies quite a bit too which was nice.  They make good pillows because they’re always warm.  The most difficult thing I did over break was decide which wide receiver to play this week in my fantasy football league.  But now that I’m all refreshed it’s time for the final lap of this semester.  Three weeks of class and yet another semester of med school will have been stashed away in my history.  The good news is M3 year will be here soon which I will take over sitting in class any day of the week.  The bad news is that there is a rather important quiz (aka Step 1 of boards) in between me and M3 year that will help decide where I go for residency.  No pressure.  But for now I will be learning about muscles, bones, and skin.  And then it will be my birthday and I will go home.  And that will be the last time I relax for a looooong time!