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It’s 8 am on a Sunday morning. Middle of November, 2010.  I’m 3 weeks deep into surgery, and it’s hard to believe where I’ve been so far.  Everyone told me that 3rd year was unlike anything I had done before, or will do in the future.  We are at an interesting place in training–we don’t have the responsibilities of the interns and residents, but many of our patients treat us as if we are doctors; their doctor. We are the ones who have the time to sit with our patients, taking 2 hour histories and stopping by their room 4 times a day.  It’s a really neat experience–hard to believe that it will be over in less than 5 months.

As I sat in Friday seminar last week, I looked around at my classmates. We have come pretty far–it’s amazing to see people’s interests and talents being ignited by various experiences; delivering their first baby, tying their first knot, reading their first X-ray.  I have incredible classmates, and I know that the future of healthcare is safe in their capable hands.

One last snap of glorious fall in Ann Arbor--I hear the Snowman is about to start work for the season...

That’s all for now–I will have a surgery update/review in the next few weeks–one more week at the VA, and then I move on to the Trauma/Burn service at the U.  Also looking forward to Thanksgiving–a few days off to see friends and family (and catch up on sleep!)


PS: Tag Days! December 3-4! Come out and support the kids of Washtenaw County!

PPS: Congrats to the first batch of students admitted to UMMS–I hear it’s a pretty incredible group! Good luck to everyone else interviewing, and hit me up with any questions!