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It’s hard to believe that I finished the first rotation of my M3 year last week. It went by so fast! I started with the pediatrics rotation, which was an amazing experience. Interacting with patients as young as a few hours old as well as adolescents was challenging but extremely rewarding. I also loved the fact that we interacted with entire families, becoming a team with the parents to provide the best care for their children.

My favorite part of the rotation was my week on the newborn service. I had never held a newborn baby before. At first I was scared that I was going to hurt the baby or do something wrong. As I got more comfortable, I was performing newborn exams on my own and giving moms information about what to expect after they go home with the baby. It was such an honor to be a part of a very special moment in the families’ lives.

After taking the shelf exam for pediatrics and a weekend off for July 4th, it was time to move on to my surgery rotation! My first week of vascular surgery at the Veterans hospital was amazing. I was able to scrub in on two operations and practice history taking skills with patients in the clinic. The days are long (I’m usually at the hospital for at least 12 hours), but I’m learning a lot and learning brand new skills, like suturing.

The one thing that I have noticed on both rotations so far is that the faculty members and residents here at Michigan are amazing. They are wonderful doctors and excellent teachers. They are always open to answering my questions when I don’t know something (which has been a lot these days), and they always provide useful, constructive feedback. The residents always help me prepare my morning presentations, and they also teach us about various medical topics and physical exam skills.

I can’t believe how fast M3 year has gone by so far and how much I have already learned. I’m excited to see what the rest of my surgery rotation has in store!