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What a crazy couple of months!

After finishing Step 1 of the Boards in early May, I started research with a group in the biostatistics department at the School of Public Health, beginning the transition to the graduate school phase of the MSTP (MD/PhD) program. Now, I’ll essentially be at SPH until completing my PhD in biostats, hopefully in about 4 years. I’ve already started to get excited about the courses I’ll take this fall and about meeting public health classmates! Yet, it still feels a bit strange to “set med school aside” for a while; fortunately there are ample opportunities for staying connected, both with the hospital and with the student organizations. I’m already in touch with a couple wonderful faculty members about the possibility of semi-regular shadowing/assisting in clinic, and I also already have plans to choreograph with two friends for this fall’s med school Biorhythms dance show!

Meanwhile, I just took a week-long trip to Switzerland and it was absolutely spectacular. It was the first time I’d been back since living there the year before med school (when I did research at the University of Geneva), but it felt like I’d only just left. It’s a country that will simply always have such a special place in my heart, and it was so wonderful to reconnect with friends from my time there. To make it even better, I was traveling with two friends from Michigan! It’s always such a rare and wonderful thing when important people from different phases of life are able to meet each other.

I will write more about the statistical genetic research soon, but for now I will leave you with a couple pictures from a hike in Switzerland.

Until next time!