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…it just gets so much more messy before it gets clean!

The first week of study period for Step 1 of the board exams really reminds me of when you decide to give your room the cleaning it has always deserved. Including the back of the closet. AND under the bed. You go through so much so quickly and you make some exciting discoveries!

“Oh I’d forgotten about this sweater! I should wear it tomorrow!” (I used to love this pneumonic! How clever! Why haven’t I been using it more?)

“I swear I never bought a blue rubber bouncy ball. How is it possible that there is this thing will a price tag still on it?” (No one has ever taught me about this before. I’m 99% sure that First Aid is just making up words.)

“This is impossible! None of this will EVER fit in the closet! Even if I organize it!” (Oh dear. This is a terrifying amount of information.)

“How do other people organize their closets? Do I need new drawers and dividers? And hanging shoe bags?” (What should I use? Other books? Flashcards? Just get rid of all the old notes?)

There are a lot of great things about study period, though, despite the intensity and brief moments of panic. I like being on a schedule, waking up at the same time every day, doing this kind of studying in the morning and that kind of review in the afternoon. You fall into a routine and it starts to feel okay. You just get as much done as you can each day, and that’s that.

Blogging isn’t technically part of the schedule I wrote for myself, so if you don’t hear from me for a month or so, I’ll be cleaning my closet! Happy April, everyone!