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One nice thing about going to a great school with a flexible testing schedule is the ability to maintain a long distance relationship. These arrangements are never easy, and I’m regularly jealous of my school friends who are dating someone who actually lives in Ann Arbor. But I do have the chance to go visit my loved one fairly regularly thanks to our generous curriculum.

Today, I rode from midtown Atlanta through Decatur, home of Emory University. I rode with a friend who graduated med school several years ago. We laughed about how the process of medical school is so intense that you rarely have chance to stop and reflect on the material you are learning. The way he put it, “it’s a life-changing amount of information.” I like that. And this bike ride gave me a chance to reflect and be appreciative. For one thing, a family member recently had an inguinal hernia. I actually knew what that meant. I asked if it was direct or indirect. They didn’t know. But I knew what I was asking. How cool is that. Also, at the top of a hill on this ride, I paused (having left my bike partner in the dust because I crushed it so hard). I stopped to feel my femoral pulse. It was booming! It is a small thing, but even having an appreciation for the distribution of blood through the body that allows me to bicycle and enjoy the day added to my appreciation of the moment.

Tomorrow, I head back to Ann Arbor after a nice long weekend. The day after, I turn 31. Years. Old. Like a boss. So, it’ll be nice to get back and take this final exam for reproductive and endocrinology. It is…. a lot of information. But, I’m happy for these moments on bike rides when I can stop and appreciate all of it.