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Three weeks ago, we started the sequence that many of us had been dreading ever since we saw the M2 coursepack last year: Neuroscience/Special Senses. When we picked up our coursepack at the beginning of November, our worst fears were realized. Clocking in at over 1100 pages of material, we had a lot of studying to do.

And study we did. To my surprise, I actually found the material fascinating (especially considering that CNS – Central Nervous System – was one of my least favorite sequences last year) and the faculty entertaining. Actually, I think Neuro ended up being my favorite sequence this far.

The final exam opened yesterday afternoon and, thanks to Flextime quizzing, can be taken anytime between now and Wednesday night. Because I wanted a full week off for Thanksgiving, I was determined to take the exam when it opened. I have always been a Friday quizzer, but achieving it was going to be tough, even for me (Remember, the five-week Infectious Disease sequence had an 888-page coursepack).

During the last week, I woke up every morning at 7am and began studying. I streamed last year’s lectures and barely left my apartment except for required activities (patient presentations, small groups, and Medical Spanish classes). I spent the rest of the day (until 10-11pm) studying Neuro.

The only other occasions that prompted me to leave my apartment were the Michigan basketball games. Yes folks, it’s that time of year again. The rafters of Crisler Arena gained another banner, for winning the Big Ten Championship last year, and I saw Austin Hatch getting some playing time (Hatch had to learn to walk again after two plane crashes).

But, going to the games didn’t mean I could neglect my studies while I was there. So, I brought my iPad along and studied during every break in the action. After all, time management is the key, right?

All my hard work paid off, and I took the exam yesterday afternoon. I’m thrilled to have a week off to relax and … catch up on everything I neglected during the past three weeks.