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Med school as a first-year student so far is going very well. We’re covering the heart and lung this month, which means we have some understanding of side effects of drugs that we hear on TV commercials. I’m amazed at how quickly we’re able to internalize pharmacological and physiological concepts so far.

It’s also beautiful fall weather in Michigan. Here’s a view from my balcony:

Just one reason why it’s not so bad to go to med school in an area with actual seasons (I’m looking at you, Florida).

Actual weather aside, the U-M Med School community has had a gloomy past two weeks. Sujal Parikh, a dedicated and inspiring fourth year med student, passed away last Tuesday, October 12. He was a Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholar in Uganda where he was involved in a terrible accident. I cannot imagine the grief his close family and friends are going through, and I hope they are making it through this hard time with the support they need. Looking through Sujal’s accomplishments and goals, I can’t help but be moved by this intelligent and motivated man who took the opportunities he was given as a med student and made real efforts to improve social justice and promote global health care. While not knowing him personally, I could not write a blog entry about life as a med student at U-M Med School without mentioning the tragic loss that the school community just had. May he rest in peace.

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