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Ahhh the renal sequence is over.  The first half went smoothly since it was mostly physiology.  But for the second half I had to plug my ears at night to make sure all those facts didn’t leak out.  So much info.  Interesting nevertheless.  But it’s done and this week is our second week of CFM.  Topics include breaking bad news, energy balance, and, of course, doing the full history and physical exam.  There is still work to be done but not nearly as much work outside of class, which is nice because the Neuro sequence has been training all year, getting ready to beat us all up a bit.  But for now, it’s CFM time.  And what better way to end CFM than with our annual Fall Ball (a.k.a. Med School prom).  It was a ton of fun last year and I expect nothing less this time around.  On a different note, I included a picture of the UM vs. MSU game from last weekend.  I was quite sad after the game but managed to snag some sweet seats so I’m over it.  I definitely hope I can go to another game this year!