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So check it out, I’m not going to talk about school this time.  Instead, there are some exciting things coming up that are worth knowing about.  First up, I got tickets to go see Deadmau5 in October.  In case you are not familiar with him, Deadmau5 is the DJ name for Joel Zimmerman, an electronic music artist who throws down some of the best beats out there.  That should be fun.  Second, I scored some tickets to the MSU vs. UM football game coming up in just a couple weeks.  It’s the same weekend as my Renal final exam.  Perfect.  But I need this.  And then last of all, in case you haven’t noticed, UM football is sweet this year.  Our team struggled the last few years but I’m glad to see we’ve begun to restore our reputation, which makes the games that much more exciting.  Being a med student is like having two full time jobs, but we still manage time to attend football games and enjoy some of the great things Ann Arbor has to offer.  And on that note, thought you should know my fantasy football team crushed the competition this weekend.  Boom.