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Hey everyone,

Hope you’ve all been doing well! I apologize for my hiatus, but I will more than make up for it with photos:)

My time at the NIH is whizzing by, I’m so upset about it! One of the largest ophthalmology conferences is taking place in May, so it’s almost time for the other opthalmology students in the program and me to show our stuff in Orlando! Fun stuff!

As far as DC and Bethesda go, the weather just turned up, and I’m sick in bed. Yayyy. So instead of discussing what I’ve been missing out on, I’ll show pics of the awesome stuff I was doing pre-sickness:

Grainy photo of Talib Kweli DJing in DC!

I went to Boston to visit a friend Samah one weekend, and we went to my old favorite restaurant that I went to in Boston to in 7th grade and couldn't stop thinking about, Giacomo's! NOM:)

Went to a friend in the program's house for the Super Bowl! Still have no idea who won..

Speaking of ophthalmology, these are my Ophthy fellas, aka the guys in my program who work near me everyday:)

My two good friends in the program after one of our morning conferences:)

Tour of NPR Headquarters in DC! View of the awesome workspace

My trial of Arabic food making: Fetet-Makdoos 🙂 Mama would be proud

Went on a ski trip with friends in my program in Maryland! I've never skied before so it was a traumatic and awesome experience!

Me and two friends in my program. Photo was taken to see if we all had the same color eyes

Grainy photo of me presenting to next year's interviewees for our program. I kept it super professional

The Dalai Lama visits the NIH!

Famous chicken and waffles from Birch and Barley in DC

Slam poetry event at Busboys and Poets! I rounded a group together to see this artist Safia Elhillo whom I'd seen back in 2009 in DC, and she was phenomenal as expected

This was the group (mostly friends in the program) I brought together for Safia Elhillo's slam poetry- great night!

Back in Michigan! Remember my friend who got married back in November? This was the henna ceremony for her wedding!

Official wedding the next day. It was such a beautiful night!

Nothing like Mama's home cooking when I go back to Michigan:)

Match Day 2014 at the University of Michigan! It was a fun time to see where my original graduating class will be starting residency this summer

Back in DC: In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Nas's Illmatic album release back in 1994, Nas and the National Symphony Orchestra performed his whole album (plus more) at the Kennedy Center in DC- it was amazing!

The friends who accompanied me to the Nas concert

Despite feeling sick now, the past few months have been really great! I promise to post again soon!

Take care,