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Hi everyone!

M1 year has really started to pick up…or I’ve just been more immersed in awesome extracurricular activities! Probably a combination of both. Last week, we completed our Immunology sequence, which allowed me to reminisce on my immunology research at the NIH/NEI several summers ago, and I’m excited to now be in the midst of the CNS/Head & Neck sequence.

Between Immunology & CNS, I attended the AMA Region V Annual Meeting, hosted by IUSM at the beautiful, recently-opened Eskenazi Health hospital in Indianapolis. Our weekend worked out perfectly, getting in the car shortly after our anatomy practical to make it in time for Friday evening activities, and Saturday was a jam-packed day of presentations, workshops, and even a community service activity at a local Boys & Girls Club, all of which allowed us to build connections at many other medical schools.

Region V community service event! UMMS students include myself (first row, 3rd from left), Vadim Rosin (first row, 4th from left), and Max Shlykov (second row, far right)

One of the highlights of the conference was the opportunity to receive feedback from many of the senior members in AMA-MSS regional/state leadership on a resolution I have now submitted to the Michigan State Medical Society. I’ve been keenly interested in science education, throwing around the buzzword “STEM” (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and I proposed a couple policy amendments in this area which, if approved by MSMS, will be heard by the larger AMA in Chicago  this summer.  As a former chemistry major with a minimal background in policymaking and political science, I’ve really enjoyed having support through the Medical Student Section of the AMA to learn how to write policy and potentially follow it through several stages.

Of course, while the AMA has been an awesome supplement to my M1 year, school is my primary focus, but having the flexibility to balance both has been a privilege.


PS- Fantastic job to everyone in the 2014 Galens Smoker yesterday, and congratulations to the Michigan basketball team on becoming B1G champions!

Curtain call at the end of the 2014 Galens Smoker!