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Hey everyone!

The M1s just wrapped another busy and fun-filled CFM (Clinical Foundations of Medicine) week. Many of us have dispersed throughout the country this weekend to visit friends and family, taking advantage of one of the rare weekends where we can take our open-book exam anywhere in the world. I have been enjoying the weekend in Boston, visiting my husband and reveling in the chance to relax, eat seafood, and bask in the high temperature of 28 degrees (which seems really warm compared to A2 right now!)

This past week was a great representation of Michigan med students rocking at both work and play. We started out our week learning how to conduct abdominal and musculoskeletal physical exams and had the chance throughout the week to practice the exams on each other and to meet patients who were kind enough to tell us their stories and share their musculoskeletal ailments. We were also privileged enough to participate in a domestic and sexual abuse panel, which was one of the most meaningful and educational experiences I have had in medical school so far. Between the panelists and the patients we met this week, I continue to be amazed with the resilience and grace found in the human spirit, despite the absolutely terrible things that can happen to people… I feel so lucky to be exposed to this range of human experience so early in my medical training. Another highlight of our CFM week was the opportunity to learn directly from M4 students when practicing our physical exams. As someone who is really interested in educating, I love to see that I will have opportunities in my clinical years to come back and teach the pre-clinical students. I got to work with some really talented M4s this week — thank you for taking the time to teach us!

Amid our clinical education this week, the M1s also found a bit of time to have some fun. Ashley’s, a State Street favorite, helped us sponsor a fundraiser for the Student Run Free Clinic on Tuesday night, which brought many members of our class out on the town for good food, drinks, and most importantly, the opportunity to watch Michigan basketball defeat Ohio State. (Loving Michigan hoops this season… Let’s Go Blue!!) Many of us also enjoyed a Wine-and-Cheese party together, movie nights, adventures out to Main Street, and even an outing to a bowling alley. (Oh and, on behalf of the M1 women, I would like to officially thank the M1 gentlemen for our in-lecture Valentine’s Day serenade. Most of you can’t sing or dance at all, but the sentiment was truly appreciated!)

Much of my non-studying time in the past month has been spent at rehearsal for the Galen’s Smoker, which is an event you definitely do not want to miss! Check out the poster for this year’s show below and then make sure to come see the Smoker on March 7/8th!

Grandroundhog Day!