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Two sequences down.  Not bad.  This year is BUSY but somehow still manageable.  The good news is that we are learning all kinds of interesting things about the organ systems but it certainly is hard for me to feel as proficient as I’d like to be in these topics.  It seems sometimes like you can never really over-study—that every extra detail or bit of info you learn may help you on the boards or later in the hospital.  It’s not quite like year one where there is a set number of concepts that you either know or you don’t.  This time there is way more to learn so we just keep studying until our exam time runs out hoping that the chunk of info we carved out for ourselves is the same chunk that is on the boards.  Having glanced at some of the USMLE prep books, it looks like we’re being prepared very well for Step 1 of the boards though, which previous classes have also said.  So that takes some stress out of this year.  The biggest de-stressor I’d say is not having a test EVERY week.  It averages out to a little more than every other week.  So instead of rolling the dice each weekend on whether or not you’ll have any time to yourself, there are certain weekends that are guaranteed to be free.  NICE! Ok back to this kidney stuff.