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Med school is … interesting, to say the least. It’s been almost two months now since I’ve started my first year at U of M Med School, and in many ways I’m pleasantly surprised with my experience. My classmates are extremely intelligent and fun, I still have time to go home to visit family every weekend, and I fortunately am not feeling a wave of regret in my career decision as I go through lectures and study for exams. I’d say these are positive things overall.

I think one of the best things so far about U of M Med School is that they let you organize your own time. Sure, there are some required presentations and small group discussions, but for the daily class lectures, I can choose whether to go to class or not (which I’d say most students still do). It allows me to manage my time the way I’d like to, as long as I don’t start failing (here’s hoping that doesn’t happen, at least for the blog’s sake). If I don’t attend lecture, I can still download the lectures online and watch them at my leisure (and at a faster speed). That gives me the opportunity to do other things in the morning– for example today I decided to sleep until 10:30 and drive back to Ann Arbor from home. I also decided to blog.

Which brings me to the title of my post: “Med School. Bye.” This requires a bit of background information: I just graduated from U of M undergrad this past May (minor bragging point: President Obama was our commencement speaker, it’s natural to feel jealous right now). Since I still have many friends in undergrad here, some of them decided to make fun of me by saying I think I’m too good for them and will not have time for them when I’m in med school. As one friend put it, my new phrase is “Med School. Bye.” Luckily, this is not actually the case. Sure, med school has required me to prioritize my life differently, just as any other new experience would, but I am happy to say that I still have a social life and can hang out with new classmates and old classmates alike, as long as I stay on top of my studies. In fact, just last week those friends and I hung out and ate at BWW (yes, it was delicious, thanks for asking. I got wings with mango habanero sauce). I know that the flexibility that U of M Med provides is a major contributor to that, and I’m glad to know that “Med School. Bye.” will remain only a joke.

Alright, I think that’s all. I look forward to writing more thought-provoking and provocative posts in the future. 🙂 Take care everyone. Med School. Bye.