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Is pretty sweet. Seriously, its amazing how good you can get at spending time doing things outside of studying/clinical duties. I’ve been on vacation since November (well technically November was an online course, but with only 4-6hrs of weekly committment).  This extended vacation time is another reason Michigan rocks.

Some things I’ve been doing: sleeping, rock climbing, football games (lets not even talk about Michigan Football), yoga (its actually really hard), working out, cooking, vacationing, and oh yeah…interviewing.  The main reason we get this “vacation” is for interviews. It has been a blast to travel across the country and to learn about the various programs I could be spending the next five years of life at. But, its also extremely expensive and tiring. Good thing for all that time off huh?!? I’m in my final stretch of interviews and also on my final month of vacation and before we know it, Match Day will be here.  A lot of my classmates are already gearing up for match day because they are going into either Urology or Ophthalmology, they have T-2.5wks left!

Over the last couple of weeks, I spent a ton of quality time at home. Even though Troy is just an hour away from he, I haven’t had the chance to be at home for a long period over the last couple of years.  Christmas was great. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my family after. Then I spent NYE in Dallas with my best buds.

Now I’m back in the midst of the Snowmageddon. Grocery aisles have literally been wiped out. Personally, I don’t get it, we’ve gotten much more snow in Michigan before. I’ve also been shoveling a ton of snow and praying on every drive that my little Honda Civic can power its way through snow banks. Otherwise, as always, I’m excited to be in Ann Arbor. Most of my classmates and pals are going to be coming back from their vacations/interviews. And we have a lot of thrilling stuff to look forward to!

Thanks for reading and stay warm out there!

My two “views” over the last week:

CocoCay Island

Winterfell (aka Ann Arbor seen through my Window)