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Hi everyone! A lot has happened since my last post, including the change of season in Ann Arbor! Fall has come, and with it the leaves are changing colors. Although the temperatures are dropping and coats are becoming necessary, the leaves are beautiful. Below is a picture from a few weeks ago that I took from the hospital looking at North Campus (where engineers, architects, artists, and musicians roam).

The first years finished our month-long Cardiovascular Respiratory sequence last week, with the written exam opening on Thursday evening and the anatomy practical on Friday afternoon. Most of our Halloween-related activities took place the week before, such as the Galens pumpkin carving and the Fall Ball (essentially the medical school version of prom). As for Halloween itself, many students spent quality time in the anatomy lab, reviewing the material for the next day’s practical exam. And no, the irony was not lost on us at all.

My favorite Halloween tradition is Michigan’s Halloween concert. Students in the University Symphony Orchestra and the University Philharmonia Orchestra combine to play Halloween-themed pieces, such as March of the Little Goblins by Adam Glaser or The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas. And, of course, they perform wearing their Halloween costumes – this year, the bass players dressed as Pokemon characters and the violas were Gru’s minions. The masters and doctoral conducting students lead the orchestras and also provide the comic relief in between pieces (such as being chased by a bear, who then returns to conduct the next piece).

My favorite part of the season, however, has to be the return of Michigan Basketball. After last year’s heartbreaking loss in the National Championship, we are all looking forward to seeing our players in action once again. Last week, Michigan played its first exhibition game against Concordia, a local Ann Arbor college, and won 117-44. I’ve been going to these games all my life and am incredibly excited to be regularly heading back to Crisler Arena. Below is an image from last year’s game against Penn State (February 17, 2013) where fans were given lighted thunder-sticks.

Regular season action begins this Friday against the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and the Final Four banner from last year’s NCAA tournament will be raised to the rafters.  Hopefully, we’ll have another one next year – Go Blue!