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Hey there everyone I know you’ve all waited in baited breath for this moment. First off all, I owe you guys an apology for skipping last month. I was doing a Sub-I at the University of Wisconsin on the Ortho-Trauma service.  I’ve never worked more in my life (at least 85hrs a week with a 40hr shift each week). BUT, Madison was awesome. It’s a lot like Ann Arbor in terms of the culture and layout of the city. It’s the most bike friendly city I’ve ever been to, I biked 4mi to and from work everyday. I had some of the best cheese and beer I’ve ever had during this month (the rumors really are true). And top all of this off with plenty of healthy banter about Michigan (I’m still not sure why people in Wisconsin hate Michigan). I did have a chance to go to a UW football game there and as nice as Camp Randall was, it’s certainly no Big House.

I’ve been back for 1 week now and as always, there’s really no place like home. I’m on the cardiac surgery service which is my Sub-I/ICU month. Seeing some of the world’s best surgeons work their magic has been an incredible opportunity. Plus, given that the service is totally PA run, I’ve the chance to open and close most of the cases I’ve scrubbed into. This includes everything from the skin incision to the sternotomy (the only Ortho part of these cases) to wiring the sternum shut at the end.

Otherwise, Michigan football remains undefeated (a miracle of its own accord), all the M4s have submitter their residency applications and many are on their ways to interviews already.

The excitement never ends here at the good ‘ol University of Michigan Medical School.

Also, as a special treat, stay tuned for an incredible blog next week from two special guests.