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Wazzzzupp?!! 😛

It’s been quite awhile since my last blog, so I apologize to all my countless fans. When I last wrote I was on my preventive cardiology outpatient rotation, which turned out to be one of my favorite rotations. I learned tons and even helped write a review on physical inactivity and heart disease with one of the cardiologists in the clinic after the rotation ended. I just finished a month of pathology and Step 2 studying. It feels great to have Step 2 finally off my mind, although still waiting for my score :/ …

As some of you may know, you create your own schedule for fourth year. I chose to front load my schedule and still have a vacation month saved up. Also, you can propose your own independent electives. I took advantage of that and scheduled an interventional cardiology rotation with one of the cardiologists I worked with in the Cardiac Care Unit. I’m on my third week of it and have seen many diagnostic caths (looking at the coronary arteries of patients with unstable angina to see if they need bypass surgery or stents placed), transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) (where the cardiac surgeons and interventional cardiologists work together to replace the aortic valve without open heart surgery), and a few other interventions such as peripheral artery stents. I’m really glad I took this opportunity to get experience in this field since we get no exposure during med school or internal medicine residency.

Speaking of residency, I just submitted my application for internal medicine on Sunday. Another big step done. But now I’m broke!

I got a few trips planned for in the upcoming weeks and I’ll post some awesome pics! Other than that I’ve just been trying to enjoy the few remaining warm days and hanging out with some friends.

Watching the Umich vs Notre Game with Dr. Daniel Drungus and Tourgus Brengerson! That's pretty neat!

I had a few people contact me, so if any of you readers have specific questions feel free to shoot me an email –