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Dear readers,

It’s been an exciting time as the M1s have just about finished Patients & Populations–with 3 exams to take between this past Thursday afternoon and Monday evening, we’ve basically taken over the LRC (or some of my ambitious classmates completed all three exams early to get in a four-day weekend).  After a short stop home, I will be back in Ann Arbor by Monday to close out the sequence with my remaining two exams.  Before we know it, Cells & Tissues will begin, as well as our long-awaited anatomy labs!

Since I last wrote, our class has had a number of exciting happenings.  We launched our Family-Centered Experience program, which pairs two medical students with a family that has endured a chronic illness to allow us to begin to understand the patient’s perspective in health care.  All of the M1s, many of the families, and all of our FCE group facilitators (attending physicians) gathered at a hotel a few miles off campus for a banquet to commemorate the significance of this adventure, both for the M1s and for the volunteers.

Additionally, we had our Student Activities fair, where many booths were set up around the circle drive outside Med Sci I, with representatives ranging from M2s to residents and attending physicians.  Like many of my classmates, I came to Michigan with very broad interests, so the countless opportunities in all disciplines allow us to try a little of everything! The next few years are about finding our true passions and discovering what we will enjoy waking up and doing every day. Even if that means signing up for the email lists of 100+ organizations.

Anyways, the Michigan summer weather is still very warm and sunny, and football season begins today, so it’s an exciting time to be a Michigan Wolverine!  Go Blue!